The has adopted the Banster members administration system. This system defines 'donors' as 'members'. The is a foundation which means it formally has donors rather than members. To avoid confusion we will from now on refer to 'donors' as 'members'.

The Banster system allows each member to create their own account. Each member can check their own details, can put their name down for an event and see for themselves that it is registered and paid for. It is possible to download an invoice or to pay by direct debit. This makes the system more efficient, things are clearer for members and much less administration work is involved.
Members are responsible for their own personal details, change of address, etc. This is important: we'll know that 'Studies in Textile' will be delivered to the correct address and that emails will be sent to the right person.


Art and Textile

Spring symposium, 18 May 2017
De Rijswijkse Schouwburg, Rijswijk

Textiles have featured as an art in several big international exhibitions in the past few years and have been immensely popular. Does the new interest in the importance of textiles in Art of the 20th and 21st century, imply that the tide is turning? Is the renewed attention of the artist’s craft techniques, that has become apparent in the last 15 years, signaling a change in perception?

Information on the symposium can be found on the symposium page.

Flyer The now has a page on Facebook! Read about interesting exhibitions and lectures, textile artists, our successful symposia, etc.

Guest Visits in 2017
On 20th January 2017 a large group of TC members visited the exhibition of Silvia B in Enschede.
On 7th June ‘TC te Gast’ paid a visit to silk shop and wholesale company ZIJDAR Natural Silk in Heemskerk. We were welcomed by our chair Ria van Els - Dubelaar, co-founder and former owner of the company, and current owner Sarah Ruijter.

Reports on the TC Guest visits to the Silvia B. exhibition in Enschede and ZIJDAR Natural Silk in Heemskerk are now available to read on the TC Guest page.